Posted by on March 21, 2018

Shamanic Clowning is the modern mash-up of two powerful ancient archetypes. The shaman walks between worlds to help the people recover lost parts of themselves, talks to spirits to divine the future or to petition for good weather. The shaman has special knowledge of and relationships with the animate beings around us.

Clowns are those characters that remind us why we hold our morals. The clown-trickster is a disrupter, reminding the community to behave. In being powerless and vulnerable, Clowns are able to speak truth to power. Clowns have permission to misbehave, to intrude, to act childish and rude. They exaggerate our shadow selves and remind us what it is to be human.

The Shamanic Clown is all these and more. A multidimensional being who navigates the liminal spaces of wisdom and foolishness with shimmering skill, brash and shameless, to expose their deepest vulnerability and to be infinitely powerful in powerlessness.