Posted by on March 28, 2018

After a nervous start and some hiccupping, I’ve taken the relaxation pill-ow to sit on and am now ready to start again with the blogging. There are so many things to say about Shamanic Clowning that it is really hard to start out. Lately, I have been having conversations with The Mask. The Mask reminds me that even the humble clown nose is a tiny mask with powerful magic.
The Mask is not responsible for its behavior. When The Mask is first born, there is no telling what The Mask will say or do, but as The Mask grows up, it can learn some fabulous things. The Mask can express those things that we most desire to talk about but are scared, or embarrassed or we don’t think they are important enough to say. The Mask can say it, no problem. The Mask has the power to transform the wearer, to transport them into another dimension and if worn without care can even be a little dangerous. For this reason, The Mask never likes to be seen going on or coming off the wearer.

You can really tell when The Mask is talking versus when the Wearer is trying to be the funny person. When the wearer surrenders to The Mask, there is a powerful effect, the two become one Clown and the audience, they are transported into the mystical Clown world too.