Posted by on April 5, 2018

I have been on the Shamanic Clown spiritual path for quite some time. The convergence of shamanic practices with the clown was a revelation revealed to me several years ago. In January, the omens indicated that I was finally ready to receive initiation into the Sacred Path of the Shamanic Clown.

There have been many lessons along the way, reminders to as they say at the Dead Dog Cafe “Stay Calm! Be Brave. Wait for the signs!”. It was shortly after helping a friend create a transition ritual for his retirement, that another friend suggested that I also ask for a ritual from my community. He said that the best rituals were the ones we didn’t have control over. Being a spiritual thrill-seeker, I agreed and sent out a call to my clowns colleagues and healer buddies to ask for their support in creating this initiation experience.

I immediately became fearful.

I was anxious that I was asking too much, didn’t deserve this amazing gift and wouldn’t live up to the expectations of the world. I tend towards the non-judgemental, so wasn’t worried that the ritual itself would be disappointing, more so that I would disappoint my friends in some way. With the train leaving the station and a commitment to jumping off the cliff without an umbrella, I enlisted the help of a Shamanic Clown Coach.