Posted by on April 20, 2018

I’ve been working with various friends to answer this question. It’s like saying, “in 30 seconds, describe God”. Shamanic Clowning is many things, a spiritual path, a healing modality, an archetype, a character or role. The game we’ve been playing is “Hi, what do you do?” answer: “I’m a shamanic clown” question: “what is that?” answer: “I create events using ancient wisdom and original technologies to invite people to heal in a playful way.”

Of course Shamanic Clown is more than this. The merger of two powerful archetypes with long histories embedded in our DNA, Shamanic Clowning is the serious healing of the Shaman tempered and softened by the playful, trickster energy of the Clown and the big and chaotic energy of the the Trickster, contained and directed by the Shaman. I invite you now to find the playful healer within yourself, join me in Shamanic Clown!