Leif in Motion, aka Thomas Sterling, is a licensed clinical social worker who has been studying shamanic practices since 1993. Leif studied under Heather Ash Amara in the Toltec lineage of Don Miguel Ruiz. Leif is the survivor of three firewalks, two death rituals, countless journeys to the origin of the Universe and other assorted celestial shenanigans. Leif began studying Clown in 2006 after a conversation with James Pelican enlightened him on the virtues of Commedia Delle Arte and embracing the shadow side of the self. Leif studied clowning with Christina Lewis, Elizabeth Barron and Melusina Gomez, all powerful shamanic clowns themselves.

Leif has a certificate as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner having completed the training developed by Dr. Peter Levine, PhD in January, 2018. Leif incorporates principals of Somatic Experiencing in his clown and shamanic clowning playshops.